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With organic aloe vera - optimal content of aloe gel.

Contains: Organic olive oil, jasmine extract, extract from Kos's beneficial herbs and Mediterranean nature plants.

Offers: Organic aloe is a unique ingredient due to its highly moisturizing properties, with high antioxidant and soothing effect, ideal for burns and irritations. Combined with olive oil and jasmine extract, known for their  antioxidant and anti-aging action,  improve skin elasticity by helping prevent premature aging. Shower gel for everyday care and freshness. It provides cleanness with aloe extract, moisturizing and offering a sense of softness and coolness.


  • organic olive oil
  • jasmine extract
  • extract from the beneficial herbs of Kos
  • Mediterranean plants


  • cleansing and protecting the epidermis
  • intensive hydration
  • rejuvenation and freshness
  • soothing action
  • softness feeling

For daily use on all skin types.

Dermatologically tested.


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