Face and body gel with a 95% organic aloe vera, biological olive oil and vitamin E

Contains: 95% organic aloe vera, organic olive oil & vitamin Ε.

Offers: organic aloe is an exceptional ingredient, that helps in restoring dry and damaged skin, due to its soothing, hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties, while its high antioxidant and soothing action make it ideal for sunburns and irritations.

The skin is gently left smooth and soft, without irritations. Appropriate for daily use and all skin types. Especially helpful for dry and dehydrated skin.

Ideally used as an after sun, or aftershave, for dry, distressed or damaged skin. Recommended for daily use and all skin types.

  • Used in face and body
  • With a 95% organic aloe vera
  • For daily use and all skin types
  • Suitable for dry, distressed or damaged skins
  • Ideal as an aftershave, after sun or sunburns and sun irritations
  • Offered in a recyclable and environmental friendly packaging


  • Organic aloe vera 95%
  • Organic olive oil
  • Vitamin E

It offers:

  • restoration of dry and damaged skin
  • intense hydration & improvement of skin quality.
  • combating rashes & skin irritations (antimicrobial, antiseptic, antibacterial)
  • Ideal for use after sun exposure
  • Ideal for after shave


Apply in clean skin, with soft moves.

Dermatologically tested.


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