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  • Natural face and eye serum with the magic of our organic aloe and beneficial plant extracts. The active prickly pear stem cells help fill in wrinkles and improve skin imperfections, protecting from photoaging. Rich in vitamin C sea buckthorn extract gives skin elasticity and firmness while prickly pear and camellia extracts offer hydration and antioxidant protection. Reduce signs of fatigue in eye area duo to its content in caffeine and green tea. The combination with all the above,  hyaluronic acid, squalane and vitamins, B3 and E, makes it an ideal combination for every skin requirement.

Use: Apply to clean face, neck and under eye area, every morning and evening, before face cream.

  • Natural & rich face cream with the magic of our organic aloe and natural ingredients for 24 hour hydration and anti-aging protection. With the optimal content of our organic aloe vera gel. The precious peony extract and hyaluronic acid help fill in wrinkles, while aloe regenerates the skin and regulates water balance of cells throughout the day. Vitamin E and panthenol offer antioxidant protection and give elasticity to the skin, an ideal combination for daily 24-hour care.

Use: Apply οn cleansed skin face and neck every morning and evening

  • Natural eye cream with the magic οf our organic aloe and beneficial plant extracts. Hyaluronic acid complex and precious peony extract help to fill in wrinkles in eye area. Caffeine, camellia and mulberry extracts offer antioxidant protection while peptides reduce eye bags and dark circles due to fatigue, giving a rested, radiant look.

Use: Gently apply a small amount under the eye area every morning and evening. 


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